Keeping safe while working in the heat

Keeping safe while working in the heat

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - Whether you’re out playing baseball, mowing your yard or any other outside activity, you had to deal with the heat on Sunday.

Temperatures hit the low to mid-90s across the Heartland on Sunday.

We caught up with a couple of gentleman that were trying to deal with the heat while cutting lumber to build a deer stand for hunting season.

They tried to take advantage of the lower temps in the morning, but the heat was still a challenge.

“Definitely trying to beat the heat is a tough kind of thing to beat these days, especially with the temps like today, it gets hotter earlier,” Tyler Terry said. “So you got to get up earlier and beat it the best you can.”

Terry and his friend said it’s important to stay hydrated during these times.

"It's key," Terry said. "Heat related injuries can do all kinds of permanent damage if you're not careful and respectful in that you have to stay in tune with your body."

Temperatures are going to stay hot for the following week with highs in the lower to mid 90s for the Heartland.

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