City of Oran ends sesquicentennial year with time capsule burial

City of Oran ends sesquicentennial year with time capsule burial

ORAN, Mo. (KFVS) - The Oran Sesquicentennial Committee of the Optimist Club of Oran is ending it’s year-long celebration with the burial of a time capsule.

The event was held at the George Tillies City Memorial Park where roughly a dozen people in attendance came together to conduct a ceremony of the history of Oran and bury a variety of current and dated items to preserve for 50 years.

The date of July 19, is significant in that this land was incorporated as a fourth class city of Missouri known as Sylvania on July 19, 1869.

Due to another unincorporated town in Missouri called Sylvania that had a post office, it was later renamed to Oran in 1882.

"History is like a compass," Optimist Club of Oran Secretary Leroy Eftink said. "You have to know where you've been in order to choose where you're going to go. The old adage, you learn from your mistakes, but you can't learn from your mistakes if you don't know what they were. So if you don't have any history, then you're just kind of out there flying in the wind with no direction."

Eftink said he hopes that in 2069, the items buried will be opened up and will be displayed for all to enjoy.

"Hopefully people in 50 years, people will dig this up, they'll see what we did and that will inspire them and increase their community spirit, knowing that somebody before them thought enough to preserve this community and preserve this communities history," Eftink said.

The box was lowered in the ground and covered with dirt.

Some of the items inside the capsule are newspaper clippings, pictures, medallions, shirts, items from the 1969 centennial and more.

This year-long sesquicentennial event first kicked off one year ago today with celebration festival.

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