Back-to-school fair turns into a drive-thru

Back-to-school fair turns into a drive-thru

MARBLE HILL, Mo. (KFVS) - It’s a back to school event many Bollinger County families rely on, so the organizer found a way to make it happen during the pandemic.

“We’re all family around here.,”said Jessikah Beard, a mother who stopped by the fair.

Cape First Marble Hill held its annual back to school fair on Friday, July 17.

“This year with the pandemic, some folks may have lost their jobs or had their hours cut or that sort of thing. But regardless of what’s going on with your job, it’s expensive to send a kid to school,” said Pastor Mark Graham, site pastor of Cape First Marble Hill and the event organizer.

Volunteers brought backpacks and bags filled with school supplies to people’s cars to help take that burden off families.

“It helps a lot,” said Beard.

Graham said the annual event usually takes place inside with local businesses and organizations. But, in the midst of the pandemic, Graham turned it into a drive-thru.

“I certainly didn’t want to just not have the event, because a lot of families depend on the materials that they receive at the back to school fair every year,” he said.

Graham hopes the school supplies make a difference long after the kids fill up their notebooks and their markers dry out.

“That’s what we’re doing with the back to school fair, is to try to help the families in our communities, so that their children are better prepared to go to school. And then hopefully the idea is the kids will be ready to do better in school, stay in school,” said Graham.

For Beard, it’s emotional to see the community’s generosity as her daughter heads into first grade.

“Because being low income, it’s hard to make ends meet anyways.” said Beard.

Pastor Graham is thankful for the many vendors, volunteers, businesses, and donors that helped make the event possible.

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