Restaurants adapting to Cape Girardeau County mask mandate

Restaurants adapt to mask requirements

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Restaurants in Cape Girardeau are adapting to the mandatory mask order issued by the county health department this week.

Things are normal here at Midori, the only thing different, you must wear a mask to come inside.

“We have big signs up where everyone can kind of see it out there when they come up,” said Susan Hoskins, server.

Hoskins said they are just trying to do their part as a local restaurant.

“Trying to worry about safety, not only us the customers as well and this craziness that’s kind of going on in the world right now safety is a huge thing and just trying to cut the virus,” she said.

Hoskins said when you dine in, it’s easy.

“Take it off when you eat, or you drink and throw it back on anytime you are around people,”she said.

She said all employees are wearing their mask too, but all day long.

“We all have our mask on, it’s not even one of those things where we have had to remind each other. It’s kinda like it’s a known thing. Everyone grabs their mask and put it on before we come in the door,” she said.

Midori isn’t the only restaurant asking customers to wear a mask inside. El Torero posted on a how to guide on its Facebook page.

Starting today, we are encouraging guests to wear face masks. They are not required but are strongly encouraged. Below is a guide on how to dine in responsibly. Carry-out is available at all three locations!

Posted by El Torero Mexican Grill on Thursday, July 9, 2020

Hoskins encouraged people to find time to eat out, even during the pandemic.

“Don’t be scared to come in and eat at a restaurant. It is the exact same, you just got to throw on a mask. The food is still just as good,” she said.

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