Music lessons continue during pandemic

New approach to music instruction

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - Jackson Audio and Music Supply has continued to offer lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic and has adjusted them in a way to keep students and instructors safe.

Instructors are letting students choose to either take lessons virtually or in-person.

“Lessons are doing pretty well right now, surprisingly a lot better than what we thought,” Jacob Long said.

Music store owner and instructor, Jacob Long, said during the stay at home order, students suspended their lessons. He says now, most of them are returning to face-to-face learning again.

“Everyone wants the interaction whenever they come and get lessons, they want the face-to-face communication,” Long said.

Some students are still learning virtually.

“We’re able to still communicate and interact with our students and still to the best of our ability, be as hands on as possible,” Long said.

Long said he prefers teaching in-person.

“I like the human face-to-face interaction, it’s a lot easier to point and indicate what you’re talking about whenever you’re in person,” Long said.

Those who come into the store for lessons are keeping a 6-foot distance and are required to wear a mask.

The same goes for the instructors.

“All of our interactions even though they’re in a private room, we keep that distance,” Long said.

Carson Spies, who used to take lessons at Jackson Audio and Music Supply said he would not want to learn an instrument virtually.

“You lose that personal connection that you get whenever you are learning with a person,” Spies said.

Long said they are adapting the best they can under the circumstances.

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