Man’s finger shot off during dispute between 2 families

Man’s finger shot off during dispute between 2 families
Paducah Police were enroute to a disturbance call at home on Sunday when they learned a gun had fired and man had been shot..

PADUCAH, Ky. (KFVS) - A dispute between two families in Paducah on Sunday ended with a man’s finger shot off and three people facing charges.

Paducah officers were called to a home on Shelbourne Street in reference to a disturbance.

While the officers were enroute, they learned a gun had been fired and a man had been injured.

When they arrived they discovered the left ring finger of the resident, Brandon Johnson, had been shot off.

He was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Johnson told police that his daughter, her boyfriend (Levi Thorn), Cassie Scott (Thorn’s mother) and Mark Lamb (Thorn’s stepfather) had come to the home to get his daughter and Thorn’s property.

Johnson asked them all to wait outside until police could arrive to avoid any problems, but all four pushed their way into the home.

With everyone inside the home, Johnson’s wife expressed concerns about COVID-19. In response, 40-year-old Scott allegedly coughed and spat into the wife’s face.

Johnson said he grabbed his handgun from the bedroom and told everyone to leave.

He said Thorn and Lamb tackled him and began assaulting him when the gun went off and hit his left ring finger.

During the scuffle, Johnson claims his wife was knocked to the ground and kicked by Scott.

After an interview at the Paducah Police Department, Thorn was arrested Monday afternoon and charged with second-degree assault.

Police said the 25-year-old is an employee at the McCracken County Regional Jail and due to this he was booked into the Marshall County Jail .

Scott, was cited on a charge of harassment (physical contact/no injury).

Lamb, turned himself in to Paducah Police on Tuesday morning and was charged with second-degree assault. According to police, Lamb admitted to hitting Johnson in the face, which caused Johnson to lose a tooth. The 46-year-old was booked into McCracken County Regional Jail.

No charges have been filed against Johnson’s daughter.

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