Coin shortage in the Heartland

National coin shortage felt in the Heartland

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Coin inventory is below normal levels due to businesses being closed during the pandemic because there are fewer in-person money exchanges going on.

Century Casino has been affected by this nationwide coin shortage as well.

“We use change across the board everywhere,” Ginger Albrecht said.

Century Casino Finance Director Ginger Albrecht said the casino is supposed to be receiving coins from the bank every week.

“Three or four weeks ago we got an email from our bank stating that there was a coin shortage,” Albrecht said.

“June 22nd was the last full order we got, so from there we were kind of scrambling,” Albrecht said.

Albrecht also said the casino is even asking their employees and guests to bring in any coins they have to help with this shortage.

“So, we’ve put it out there, we’ll change in coins for cash, no charge at all,” she said.

The casino needs the coins to give customers exact change in the food and beverage outlets, as well keeping its ticket redemption system stocked.

The cashier cage also needs coins at all times.

“Nickels and quarters is what we’re the lowest on but we’ll take anything at this point,” she said.

Owner of River City Coins, Mike Sprouse, has been bringing his coins to the bank before the shortage started.

“About once a week or every couple of weeks, I take a bag of coins to the bank, I’ve taken as many as 15 hundred dollars worth at a time,” Sprouse said.

Sprouse said it’s something everyone can do.

“If everybody just took their coins to the banks, they’d be happy to have them and that would eliminate this shortage very quickly,” Sprouse said.

Ginger Albrecht said Century Casino employees are ready to help those who bring in their coins.

You can bring your coins in through the front door and ask security for the cashier cage.

If you need help bringing your coins in to the casino you can call 573-730-7626 and it’s free of charge.

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