SIU responds to ruling from Trump Administration on international students

Intl. students face deportation

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - Many International students who come to the United State for college are having the same issues.

That is, President Trump and his administration’s team rule, that could potentially take away the visas of tens of thousands of international students.

Marc Chang, president of Olive Branch International Educational Services based in Carbondale, plays a vital role in drawing in international students from China and Taiwan to come to Southern Illinois University.

“It would not be good for the community and university if there isn’t any international on campus,” Chang said.

Chang spends a lot of time traveling to China and Taiwan to recruit potential Salukis. He said currently, they’re approved for about 120-150 new students from those countries for fall 2020.

The SIU system is joining universities across the country in opposition to the Trump administration rule. SIU is planning to offer both in-person and online classes as well.

Chancellor Lane said he is deeply concerned many students will not be able to finish their education.

Chang pointed to the economic impact it could have in the area.

“SIU is a very diverse university,” he said. “All the students coming to town, they are spending money in the local grocery and restaurant and buying a car locally and staying in a rental and student housing.”

Chang’s company works directly to recruit individuals. With the pandemic going on, he found a new meaning to that.

“The Center for International Education of SIU. Dr. Carver is planning to provide a mask and some sort of grocery for the student who are in need those international students on a weekly and monthly basis,” said Chang

Chang said he is still trying to find a way to help international students out. He said students are still registering to SIU in the fall, but they will stay in their own country and take SIU classes.

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