What can you expect during a COVID-19 drive-thru test?

What can you expect during a COVID-19 drive-thru test?

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (KFVS) - COVID-19 testing sites are popping up around the Heartland. What does a drive through test entail?

Earlier today KFVS reporter, Alayna Chapie, drove to Poplar Bluff to see how you can get tested for COVID-19 all while sitting in your car.

Chapie said it was pretty simple, she pulled up to Three Rivers Community College and spoke with a soldier with the Missouri National Guard. The soldier helped her register for a test.

After she called the coronavirus hotline, she pulled forward and waited behind the other cars.

Another soldier from the National Guard checked her in and asked her a few more questions regarding how she felt. Then she drove into the tent to get tested.

The soldier administering the test said it’s not painful.

“It may make your eyes water, but it doesn’t hurt it’s just a weird feeling, a little discomfort, but it doesn’t hurt.”

The test itself was over in five seconds. From the time she arrived to get test and to the time she left, it took about 20 minutes.

She will receive her results by phone in three to seven days.

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