Illinois mail in voting adds another option on how to cast your ballot

Illinois to allow mail-in voting

CARBONDALE, IL. (KFVS) - Voters in Illinois will be able to have another option, mail in Voting was passed in June. Not everyone is a fan of the new law.

Southern Illinois University Political Science Chairman Tobin Grant tells me how important it is for everyone to get out and vote in this election.

“Democracy works best whenever we have as many people voting as possible,” said Grant

Grant stated that if the state is going to add in a new way to vote, the public will need to be taught how to use it.

“If we’re switching over to a new system and we don’t educate the public well enough, we can end up having a lot of people think they voted but didn’t actually vote,” said Grant

Grant said the actual mail in voting would not be the main issue. It would be about getting things prepped for it.

“But you do need time to implement it. Print off enough ballots, make sure you have people who know how to count ballots as they are coming in through mail as opposed to doing it in person.” said Grant

State Rep. Terri Bryant (R) tells me she is opposed to it.

“There is a great potential for fraud when it comes to the mail in voting.” said Bryant

Bryant says, there are other ways that voters can get out and about that are safer. She recommends drive through voting.

“I do really support making voting available to everyone. We want everyone to be able to do that. I like the part of the law that allows for drive up voting so why don’t we expand on the drive up part of it where someone wouldn’t have to get out of their car if it’s all about COVID safety.” said Bryant

One Carbondale resident, Ryan Gurley tells me no matter how voting ends up, he will still be casting his ballot.

“I would be happy to do either, mostly I would like to be able to the voting from home if I can.” said Gurley

Grant said if you are nervous, or worried about in person voting, this is the time to call the local states office to get some guidance,

“If people are concerned about their safety going into a voting booth, now is the time to contact the secretary of state’s office about getting an absentee ballot.”

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