Coping with stress during COVID-19 pandemic

Dealing with stress during the pandemic

Southeast, Mo. (KFVS) - The pandemic has altered every aspect of life, according to the American Psychological Association. People in the Heartland are finding ways to cope.

“We need to find what our new normal is,” Brooke Carlyle said.

Carlyle is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She said there are many ways you can relieve stress during the pandemic while being socially distant.

“I really think that having a routine does influence our mood. When things are more organized and we have a way to go it helps because sometimes that chaos of not having one throws everybody off,” Carlyle said.

Carlyle said taking good care of yourself and getting regular exercise can help too.

“Taking a walk, getting some sunshine, doing some kind of yoga, stretching. Something that’s going to be able to allow for self-care for you,” Carlyle said.

It’s good for kids to stay active as well.

“Engaging in activity with them and exercise and incorporating some of that family time is also very important for them too,” Carlyle said.

Verleen Pobst said she relaxes by spending time with her husband and granddaughter outside.

“We come here to the park with our granddaughter.”

“We just get in the car, not every day but most every day and just go for a drive out in the country,” Pobst said.

Carlyle recommends talking on the phone with friends and family if you're feeling lonely.

"Check in with friends, check in with family. Make sure everything is going okay for them."

“Get on a routine, make that time, and make time to socialize,” Carlyle said.

Carlyle also recommends reaching out to your state’s crisis line if you think you might need professional help.

You can find the crisis number for your state below:

Missouri crisis line- 800-356-5395

Illinois- 866-359-7953

Kentucky- 1-800-221-0446

Tennessee- 855-274-7471

Arkansas- 888-274-7472

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