UC Schools releases in-depth re-opening guidelines

A renovated 5th grade class room in New Market
A renovated 5th grade class room in New Market(New Market School / Facebook)
Published: Jul. 7, 2020 at 2:03 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Union City Schools released an in-depth reopening plan for the fall.

The district plans to return to school in August.

These guidelines and protocols will be continually evaluated and adjusted to meet the needs of Union City Schools.

Prevention Plan

I. Every student and faculty member will have their temperature checked every morning before entering. Bus riders will have their temperatures checked before loading buses.

A. Any faculty or student with fever 99.5-100.3 will be asked the following questions:

1. Do you feel bad?

2. Do you have a loss of taste or smell?

3. Do you have or have you had a lingering cough, sore throat, or upset stomach?

An answer of “yes” to any of these will prompt a phone call to the parent of the student.

B. Any faculty or student with a temperature of 100.4 (and higher) will not be allowed at school until their temperature is back to normal range or they have clearance from a medical doctor.

II. All desks will be sanitized between classes. When class is over, the teacher will spray each desk with antiviral/antibacterial spray and the student will get a paper towel from the classroom dispenser upon entering and wipe off their desk.

III. Every classroom will have a hand sanitizer dispenser and paper towel dispenser.

IV. Water fountains will be off limits. Each student will be allowed to bring a water bottle to school with them.

V. All gym and P.E. equipment will be wiped down between classes and drills.

VI. All visitors must call in advance and set up an appointment before entering a building. All visitors must have a temperature check and mask issued before entering. Delivery personnel (UPS, FedEx, etc..) must have a temperature check before entering.

VII. Bus seats are to be cleaned and disinfected after each route.

VIII. All cafeteria workers must wear masks at all times.

IX. Cafeterias will operate at 50% seating. Some classes will eat lunch in the classroom, outside, or other locations.

X. All masks must abide by school dress code. Solid color or Union City school spirited.

XI. All bus drivers, driver assistants and bus riders must wear a mask while on routes.

XII. If an employee or student resides in a household with someone that has COVID-19, then they should contact their building administrator. In the event that an employee or student resides in a household with a positive COVID-19 individual but shows no signs of COVID-19, then they must wear a mask for the next ten (10) school days.

XIII. Any student with a doctor verified compromised immune system or other medical doctor verified health issue or who lives with someone with the aforementioned conditions will be offered virtual/online schooling. The parent must request this through the child’s school administrator.

XIV. If a parent has fears of their child returning to school other than those that have been mentioned previously then they should set-up an appointment with their child’s principal or with Assistant Director of Schools, Mr. Michael Paul Miller.

Exposure Plan

I. If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19 then that individual is to abide CDC guidelines of being around others. (Exhibit 1)

In the event of a positive case, the parents of all that came in contact with the positive case will be notified.

II. If a student is positive for COVID-19 and is home quarantined, then distance learning options will be in effect.

III. In the event of a significant outbreak or an order from the Governor, Union City Schools will go to virtual/online learning.

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