Carbondale parks now reopen; one parent is taking the guidelines seriously

Updated: Jul. 7, 2020 at 6:14 PM CDT
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CARBONDALE, Il. (KFVS) - Kids and parents are both getting restless in the house, and are looking for safe, fun outdoor activities near home to burn off energy.

As of July 3, Carbondale Park District reopened some of its facilities like the Hickory Ridge Public Golf Course, Life Center Indoor Pool, Kids Corner Childcare, and playgrounds at parks.

While the Park District still recommends the common COVID-19 protocols, parents are also enforcing their own safety measures when leaving home.

Jasmine Molinar aims to get out of the house with her daughter Nami Kang for daily activities like gymnastics or the jungle gym and the park. However, a trip to the playground now comes with a few extra steps.

“It’s nice for the kids, it’s nerve-wracking for the adults,” said Molinar. “[We] stick to ourselves, go over our rules, make sure we are not around other people... washing our hands before and after and wearing our mask are so important.”

On a steamy Tuesday afternoon in dead heat of the Summer, Molinar and her daughter snuggle under a tree in the shade to take a break from the warm playground.

They are the only family in sight.

“They are kind of empty,” Molinar said. “I think people are kind of scared to come out. I don’t have a big large yard, so it’s nice to have this open area for her to be able to burn off that energy.”

Her daughter Nami is glad just to be out of the house. “I was happy because now all the kids can go to the playground and have fun.”

Over at Oakdale Park, a few kids were swinging, sliding, and playing.

Park District Executive Director Kathy Renfo said safety is the top priority.

“We do our level best to sanitize the playground, as always we are in the habit of checking them for safety and making sure that the equipment itself is safe,” Renfro said.

The Park District recommends everyone wear a mask, social distance, and to wash hands frequently.

While the playgrounds, indoor pool and golf course are open, basketball courts, soccer and baseball fields remain closed.

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