Inside dining may not be helping all restaurants

Keeping customers separated

CARBONDALE, IL. (KFVS) -Indoor dining at Illinois restaurants has been back for more than a week. Restaurants around the state are getting used to the new normal. With an absence of customers not being able to dine in, one local restaurant says things are picking back up.

“Absolutely, we’ve got an uptick in phone calls, and definitely a lot of foot traffic, people are ready to get out and do something.” says Pagliani’s Pizza president Melissa Parsons.

Parsons said more customers have been walking in the door eating since phase 4 allowed them.

“Very excited. We’re both happy, the are customers happy, were ecstatic. It’s been great,” she said.

Pagliani’s is not allowing groups of ten or more to dine in, but she’s not worried about that hindering any of their business.

“You just have to take all the precautions, social distance, sanitize consistently and just keep everybody safe as possible,” says Parsons

A few blocks up the road at Tres Hombres, things are a little different.

“We do have a lot of our customers opting to still choose to sit outside,” said General Manager Taylor Vaughn

Vaughn says, she may know the reason patrons are still choosing to sit outdoors.

“I don’t know if dining in general has picked up, obviously here’s more space , were able to utilize more of our space, the bar, the restaurant inside and our patio but I think a little bit of it is people are still nervous to come inside,” said Vaughn

Vaughn said things have changed since customers have been able to sit indoors.

“You do have that other thing though making sure you constantly are checking people are socially distanced being inside and being this is a bar it’s a little harder to keep people from being away from people,” said Vaughn.

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