In-person classes recommended this fall

Group recommends returning to class

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - “Their grades both went down as a result of being online,” Rhonda Hormann said.

When the pandemic closed schools a few months ago classes went online. The adjustment didn't come easy to all students.

“There are so many things we miss online with social skills as far as body language, eye contact, just being around peers your age,” Olivia Carter said.

The American Academy of Pediatrics agreed with school counselor Olivia Carter and said this fall all schools should strive to have students physically present in class.

“When a kid needed me, it became a very major instance where it was around the stress or the anxiety or just the trauma of the public health crisis,” Carter said.

Carter said some kids do thrive online, but those who need more individual attention can struggle. She said it takes a lot of parent involvement to succeed taking virtual classes, and that can be difficult.

“We can’t always rely on families always being home, I mean we have essential workers out there,” Carter said.

Teacher and parent Rhonda Hormann said her students and children both want to be back in the classroom.

“Even if we have to wear masks, the kids even said that, we don’t care, we want to be back in the classroom,” Hormann said.

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