Harrah’s Casino in Metropolis set to reopen

Casino reopens tomorrow

METROPOLIS, Ill. (KFVS) - Harrah’s Casino in Metropolis is set to reopen July 1.

According to Mayor Billy Mcdaniel, the city has lost nearly $1.6 million from the casino being closed.

The effects of opening up are also felt throughout the city.

Mayor Billy McDaniel knows how big of a deal the casino is.

“...it is very important to our economy, our budgets and things; the money brought in for the casino goes right into our general fund,” said McDaniel

The casino said they had to furlough nearly 90 percent of their workers.

Mcdaniels said getting those employees back to work is crucial.

“Upmost, foremost and the most important part about it is putting our local people back to work,” McDaniel said.

When the casino is up and running, more people visit the other main attraction in town: The Man of Steel.

“It’s going to bring a certain amount of tourism,” McDaniel said. “Maybe they are not going to be coming to the Superman Celebration or anything like that, but there will be overnight stays, there will be food bought at restaurants, there will be gasoline and fuel.”

The Chamber of Commerce in Metropolis is ready for tourists to get back into town. President of the Chamber Kathy Rushing said people are ready to roll the dice again.

“I have been answering the chamber phone the last couple weeks. I will have at least two calls a day asking if the casino has opened yet,” Rushing said.

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