Cape Girardeau Co. restaurant owner worried about closing again as COVID-19 cases rise

COVID and Cape Co. restaurants

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase in Cape Girardeau County, a restaurant owner said her biggest concern is closing her doors again.

Delmonico’s owner Janet Ackman described how many restaurants are feeling right now about COVID-19.

“My concern is just keeping the doors open, keeping my business running. I’m concerned about my employees staying safe, my self as well, and my customers,” she said.

She said you never know when you may have to close your doors due to exposure. She sympathized with those who already have.

“I feel for them because it could be me tomorrow,” she said. “It’s them today, but it can be me tomorrow because you don’t know. It’s a silent thing.”

“We are continuing to see positive cases in Cape Girardeau County, and as time goes on we’re going to see them in all types of businesses,” she said.

Cape Girardeau Environmental Health Specialist Amy Morris offered advice to restaurants owners who are worried.

"One of three things that you can do to keep from losing your entire staff to quarantine is schedule the same staff for the same shifts so you don't have people intermingling," she said.

She said for those visiting restaurants, be mindful of what you touch and for restaurant staff to frequently wipe down all areas.

“You want to clean those commonly touched items; your door handles, condiments, tables, restrooms,” she said.

Ackman said until this is over, she will continue to make sure everyone stays safe.

“We wear our masks, we wear our gloves, sanitizer all throughout the kitchen, they wash their hands,” she said.

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