Historically low fertilizer prices could save farmers money in the future

Historically low fertilizer prices could save farmers money in the future

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - “Having fertilizer at some of our all time lows, hey that’s what we need,” Jason Bean said.

Jason Bean has farms in three southeast Missouri counties. He said saving money on fertilizer helps right now....since the price of his produce is down as well.

“Having lower fertilizer prices that’s helping us getting through these lower prices,” Bean said.

Bean said he thinks the pandemic has impacted demand, and the price of what he grows, but he said it is not affecting his output.

“The Coronavirus, we’re business as usual. The one great thing about farmers- we’re ready to grow a crop, that’s what we do, we haven’t checked up one bit,” Bean said.

“We gotta feed the world, we take that with a really high priority. Feeding the world, that’s something that is an honor so we’re business as usual,” he said.

Farmer’s Market shopper, Annie Criddle, showed her appreciation for farmers every week at the market.

“Southeast Missouri is very unique, I love the people here, I grew up here, and I love to have the opportunity to support and give back as much as possible,” Criddle said.

Bean said he is looking ahead to next year’s fertilizer season since his ends in two weeks.

“I book fertilizer, I typically find a low price and I typically book it, but we’re at the end of the growing cycle right now,” Bean said.

Jason Bean said booking fertilizer while prices are extremely low now, could save him money when next year rolls around because prices might rise.

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