Region E HSRT trains on trench rescues

Trench rescue training

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - The Region E Homeland Security Response Team is training on trench rescue this week to be prepared in case there were ever a contractor or civilian in an emergency situation.

Firefighters are working on a variety of scenarios shoring up various size trenches with tools to stabilize the hole, to be able to rescue someone if a collapse were to happen while someone was working in a trench.

Jackson Fire Rescue Captain Rob Grief said it’s very important they train on situations like these as they have had scenarios just like this in years past.

"Trench rescue is a vital part of rescue training," Grief said. "As cities grow, houses are built, underground utilities are constantly being upgraded or put in for new construction. So accidents do happen in the construction fields."

The Region E Homeland Security Response Team is made of of 30 firefighters from Cape Girardeau, Jackson and Sikeston.

The training for this was paid for by the Assistance to Firefighter Grant and was hosted by University of Missouri.

The equipment was provided by the Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committee.

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