Firework salesman expects sales to rise due to COVID-19

Brisk Fireworks sales ahead of holiday

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Some firework businesses are already selling out in different counties across the Heartland.

We caught up with people at Powder Monkey Fireworks in Cape Girardeau County who are already having good sales since they opened a couple days ago.

Manager Bryan Breeding said they have not been personally affected by COVID-19 as they have plenty in stock, but he does feel like more people will be having more of their own celebrations at home this year because of it.

"Hopefully sales will rise," Breeding said. "I expect them to rise because your towns are shutting down their big Fourth of July events. I know Jackson and Cape are still having theirs but a lot of your Illinois, southern Illinois towns are shutting them down."

Breeding said it's important when buying fireworks to read the labels, know the laws in your area and make sure you make safety a priority.

For more information for Cape Girardeau firework ordinances, you can find it here. If you live outside of Cape Girardeau, check with your local county or city for safety regulations and ordinances.

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