Swimming safety: what you need to know

Swimming safety: what you need to know

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Safety is the lifeguards' top priority at Cape Splash.

“One second you look away and something can happen,” said Allison Vaughn.

Lifeguard manager Allison Vaughn said it’s important for parents to always know where their kids are, especially at pools with no lifeguards watching.

“They just need to be a little more alert and you know just because everybody’s at home and things like that, just be a little bit on edge you know at those pools that don’t have lifeguards at them,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn recommended younger kids to wear life jackets or puddle jumpers if they don’t know how to swim yet, no matter what kind of water they are swimming in.

“We just make sure that like people are safe and if a kid has a life jacket on or a puddle jumper that the parents right with them because obviously if they have that on, they can’t swim,” she said.

Cape Splash has added more lifeguard stands.

“Back in the day, whenever I first started, we didn’t have enough guards to do that but now we have plenty of guards, so we added more stands in the water,” she said.

Mckenzie Scott doesn't let her daughter out of her eyesight when she is around water because she fears she will drown.

“That makes me scared to death that something like that could happen, so I always try to keep my eye on her because she is little,” Scott said.

Scott said she feels very safe at Cape Splash because of how many lifeguards there are.

“It’s very nice that there are people there to protect you and your children and other people’s children,” Scott said.

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