Scott County Sheriff releases statement on memorial drone funds

Scott County Sheriff releases statement on memorial drone funds
Drone (Source: Scott County Sheriff's office)

SCOTT COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - The Scott County Sheriff’s Office has released a statement regarding the memorial drone fund named after Zack Johnston.

The $30,000 memorial fund was set up in honor of Zack Johnston, a 23-year-old Scott county man that was found deceased after falling through thin ice in 2016.

In the statement, Sheriff Wes Drury states that the money “had been donated to the former Sheriffs administration for the purchase of the drone, trailer, and generators.”

He continues to say that, when he took office, some of the computers from the former administration were missing. Two new computers were set there in their place.

The captain’s computer was “wiped clean,” and was missing some 911 files.

Drury stated, “All programs and information from the previous administration were not accessible.”

News Release: In the past two weeks, several officers and myself have been approached about the Drone Program, ZJI,...

Posted by Scott County Sheriff's Office on Friday, June 19, 2020
After the Scott County Sheriff’s Office invested several thousand dollars to address the computer issues, we learned of the “Drone Program.” We have yet to find any electronic or hardcopies of the financial records regarding the “Drone Program,” but we are still searching. What we do know is that the Sheriff’s Office has paid $1,700 per year for liability insurance since 2017 and a balance of $5,995.00 was still owed for the drone’s trailer upon my taking office. The former Sheriff left the drone account with approximately $2,000 remaining.
Sheriff Wes Drury

He went on to say that he con’t confirm or deny an investigation into the “previous administration’s possible mishandling of donated funds and how these funds were spent.”

It does not say how the drone was damaged, but the statement continues to say that they have sent the drone out for repairs.

The sheriff stated that they are working Cape Girardeau County, Stoddard County and New Madrid County Sheriff Office’s in forming a regional sheriffs drone team to continue the legacy of Zach Johnston.

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