Heartland artist paints mural for the Herrin American Legion

Heartland artist paints mural for the Herrin American Legion

HERRIN, Ill. (KFVS) - A mural on the Herrin American Legion will be finished soon.

Kris Killman, who has painted murals across southern Illinois, is back at it again.

“The American Legion contacted me and they wanted murals depicting seven of the major conflicts the U.S. has been in starting with World War I and going through Afghanistan,” said Killman

He had a team of local artist helping him tackle this mural.

“Janice Griffith, I’ve got Janet Bixler and I’ve got Rebecca Mueller. All artist from the Little Egypt Arts Association, and I’m also a member up there and we’re all happy to be paining on this mural,” said Killman

The mural will be huge when completed.

“Each panel is 6-foot high and 4-foot wide, so it will end up being a 168-square-foot mural,” said Killman

The mural is in a stage where fine details aren’t on the boards yet

“This is the seriously ugly stage of mural painting where just rough shapes are on the mural. And from this point on we’re going to be refining it all down. Bringing in details as much as we can,” said Killman

But this project is bigger than just a mural.

“This is really to honor the veterans and all the service that they do for us and we’ve got several of the major theaters that our veterans have operated in and we’re proud to support our veterans,” said Killman

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