Goodwill taking safety precautions

Goodwill operating under COVID-19 guidelines

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Goodwill Store Manager Maria Horn said her store is doing well since they reopened in May.

“We’ve been working together really well, everybody’s coming up with some great ideas,” Horn said.

She said she makes sure her staff is in good health by taking their temperatures at the start of each day. Goodwill requires all customers and employees to wear masks.

The Goodwill staff also take time to clean the sales floor each hour.

“Anything that a customer will touch, we will either try to wipe it down or even if, right now, if we only have time to Lysol, we do have Lysol that we can spray so that way later we can come back and really clean it up," Horn said.

Customer Karen Choate said she feels comfortable in the store.

“This is a good one, there’s some that I’ve been in before that are not this clean, but I feel perfectly safe here," Choate said.

Horn said at first they weren’t going to bring back all employees, but quickly realized they needed to in order to keep up with donations.

“We realized we just didn’t have enough manpower so we did call a full callback, that was probably about three weeks ago and, honestly, it’s been going so much better,” Horn said.

During this time, Goodwill still is accepting donations and all you have to do is pull your car through the drive-thru, put your donations in the box with the day’s date on it and then if you want you can grab a donation receipt for tax purposes.

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