Pink Up: Rescheduling appointments post COVID-19

Pink Up: Rescheduling appointments post COVID-19

(KFVS) - Don’t delay your health screenings! That’s the message from providers at Saint Francis Healthcare system. ​

Since the coronavirus pandemic, many patients have postponed potentially life saving screenings.

Ginny Ginithan, the director of Imaging and Womancare at Saint Francis Healthcare System, said now is the time to make your appointment.​

​"Nationally we saw about a 90 percent decrease in our screening mammograms across the county," explained Ginithan. “Here at Saint Francis we dropped about 75 percent.​ We know that survivor rates for cancer is so much better then it used to be and that is a testament to how an annual screening really can save your life. So we encourage them to come back and have that done and not wait until next year."​

The Pink Up program has been around for more than 20 years.

During this time, it has expanded it’s services to assist with screenings for not only breast, but colon, prostate, and lung too.

Sabrina McAllister, Womancare secretary, said if your financial situation has changed in the last few months, they are here to help.​

​"The criteria for our Pink Up program is no health insurance and now with Covid-19, we have seen other people in situations where they did have insurance and now they don’t," said McAllister. “Don’t delay the mammogram we can still help.”​

​The process to get into the hospital has changed a little bit, to help keep patients and employees safe.

Staff members will greet patients, take their temperature and ask a few health questions.

Patients are required to wear a face covering or a mask. One will be provided if a patient does not have one.

Staff tell us they want their patients to feel safe and encourage them to call to get those screenings scheduled today!

If you have any questions or if you are ready to schedule an appointment you can call them at 573-331-5209.

Saint Francis Health Care System has the Financial Assistance program to assist our uninsured and under-insured patients obtain affordable healthcare.

An application as well as full policy can be found here.

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