Safely buying fireworks during the pandemic

Safely buying fireworks during the pandemic

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Chris Sander is the president of Powder Monkey Fireworks, and this year he’s heavily pushing online fireworks sales.

“We’ve got the website going for sure. So, if you don’t want to come out to the retail store or tents, you can shop online. Order it and then you come to the tent. We will have it pulled and picked ready for you," he explained.

He said that ordering your fireworks early is one of the ways he plans to keep customers safe.

“It limits the interaction between the employees and the customers, and it’s a great way to social distance," he said.

Sander also said both of his Cape Girardeau locations will be set up so you can safely buy items right from his tent.

“They’ll be markings on the floor, indicating where 6 feet will be, to stay your distance away from another person," he said. "There will be a limit of people in the tent so there is not a crowd, based on square feet, per the recommendations from the county and the city.”

Sander said its best to place those firework orders now, because, due to the coronavirus, some items might be delayed.

“It was obviously an issue getting product from China where the coronavirus started," he said. "And they have had issues making fireworks, so there may be some shortages of items, but if you order it online and order it early, we will be sure to have the items that we list on our website.”

Sander said you can shop online for your fireworks from your favorite retailer at any time, while on-site sales begin June 27.

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