Groundbreaking ceremony for new Cape Girardeau City Hall held at Common Pleas

Groundbreaking at old courthouse

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - A groundbreaking was held for City Hall at Common Pleas on Ivers Square in Cape Girardeau on Wednesday.

New Cape Girardeau City Hall groundbreaking

LIVE: A groundbreaking ceremony for the new Cape Giradeau City Hall is being held at Common Pleas on Ivers Square. >>>>

Posted by KFVS-TV on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Cape Girardeau Mayor Bob Fox said it's great to see the community support with the passing of the Capital Improvement tax to make this possible.

"To maintain a building to the status in the community, it's such an iconic building looking over the river," Fox said. "It just means so much to the history of the community and to be able to keep them both and have a structure between, have an elevator, have more safety and security means a lot for our city."

Cape Girardeau Deputy City Manager Molly Mehner said it’s exciting to see this construction start.

"The Common Pleas Courthouse is probably the most iconic building in the entire City of Cape Girardeau," Mehner said. "It's what people come to see from the Riverfront and people like to stand on the stairs and look down towards the river. It means so much to this community so to have this support and to bring city hall back home to this location is incredibly heartwarming."

Penzel Construction is the company approved for constructing the multi-million-dollar project.

Penzel Construction Owner Phil Penzel said this project has a special meaning in his heart as his family landed here in Cape Girardeau in 1854, the same year the Common Pleas Courthouse was built.

“This was built that same year, and I thought this was destiny that we should be involved in this project,” Penzel said.

County workers started moving their stuff out of the building before the end of May.

Currently, crews are focused on excavation work.

A groundbreaking will be held for City Hall at Common Pleas on Ivers Square on June 17.
A groundbreaking will be held for City Hall at Common Pleas on Ivers Square on June 17. (Source: City of Cape Girardeau)

The historic courthouse became Cape Girardeau’s new city hall after a new courthouse opened in Jackson.

Some of the updates that will be made include making the building more secure and accessible.

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