Restaurants begin to open under phase 3 in Ill.

Restaurants begin to open under phase 3 in Ill.

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) -I llinois phase three has officially started as of Friday afternoon. Carbondale Mayor Mike Henry has been making sure his city is taking its precautions.

“What we’re doing is on some streets were closing the parking spaces on the street so the stores so they can come out and put tables where there would normally be parking spaces.”

Restaurants have to use their own tables and chairs in the street parking zones. The mayor thinks its best for safety reasons.

He said, “Its going to be on their own. We decided that picnic tables and things like that are extremely difficult to sanitize.”

Keepers Quarters is on the popular restaurants in downtown Carbondale. Owner Doug Robinson is very excited to get back to working full time in the kitchen again. “To be cooking again one, and to see all of our regulars. We have people that come in two to three times a week.So, we see a lot of faces over and over again. Just like my staff is family, a lot of my regulars are too.”

Alcoholic beverages are still being served, but some changes may come if you are sitting in the public parking.

Mayor Henry said, “They can have drinks outside, the only restrictions is no glass or metal, but they will come in plastic cups.”

Mayor Henry said he wants people to have fun and stay safe. “You should have a mask with you some places may require a mask to be outside. If you are with a group, they should be people that are known to you of course.”

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