Pool companies see more business during COVID-19

Pool companies see more business during COVID-19

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Relaxing at the pool might be a fan favorite for people during the summertime, but this summer more and more people are doing it right in their backyard. One Heartland business has the proof.

Room Mates Pool and Spa Owner, Cindy Mccormick said, hectic best describes the last four weeks.

“There have been more people inquiring about pools this year than ever, more people are buying pools. Hot tubs are a hot selling item right now too. So, things are good right now,” she said.

Mccormick said people are just trying to play it safe this year.

"A lot of people are afraid that the pandemic that we are currently experiencing could repeat itself and with kids being out of school a lot of people want a place for kids to go that is safe.”

A family in Jackson has been saving up for a pool for a while now

“We had a trip to Hawaii that we had planned that got cancelled so that money was available,” said Mike Seaton.

So, in the next weeks this kiddie pool will be upgraded because of COVID-19.

“The virus did have a lot to do with it and just kind of helped us solidify that decision,” said Seaton,

Mccromick said with so many people wanting a pool, the future could be concerning.

“There is a pool shortage of such in the whole country because manufacturers have been shut down and pool supplies are limited until those manufacturers are back up and running again,” she said.

She said even though business is great, she wishes it were under different circumstances.

“It’s kind of a double edge sword, very happy that the business is doing well as it is, but very sad that the country is going through a crisis. The way the country is going through a crisis right now and effecting people in worse ways than we are being effected," said Mccormick.

Pools in Cape Girardeau are set to open in June. According to the city, Cape Splash Family Aquatic Center will open June 1st for the River Walking and Preschool Playtime programs. On June 8th, it will open to the public at 50 percent capacity. The Central Municipal Pool will open in mid-June at 50 percent capacity.

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