Boggs Jr. waived extradition after arrest in S.C.

Missing Paducah man at center of missing money investigation arrested

PADUCAH, Ky. (KFVS) - A Paducah man accused of stealing money from a community event and who went missing in 2018 could be soon back in Kentucky.

Paducah Police said David Boggs Jr. has waived extradition in South Carolina on June 1.

Police do not know if they will travel to Columbia to bring Boggs Jr. back to Kentucky or a prisoner transport company will be used.

Boggs Jr. went missing in November 2018.

Police said he was the center of an investigation involving missing money from a community event he was involved with.

Investigators tracked down Boggs Jr. in Columbia, S.C.

He was arrested near the city on May 28.

LIVE: Missing Paducah man arrested

LIVE: Missing Paducah man has been arrested. >>>>

Posted by KFVS-TV on Thursday, May 28, 2020

Boggs was a co-organizer of the annual Barbecue on the River event in Paducah, and is accused of stealing $24,955 from the organization’s operating funds.

During the investigation, detectives discovered a social media scam in which Boggs was blackmailed for thousands of dollars.

It was determined that Boggs had been writing checks to himself from the organization to pay the blackmailer.

Paducah detectives found a potential friend of Boogs in South Carolina, who ran a Facebook page to help the homeless.

David G. Boggs Jr.
David G. Boggs Jr. (Source: Paducah Police Department)

Detectives recognized Boggs in videos and photos on the social media page.

They were able to ID the location of Boggs from the posts as well.

During an interview, Boggs told police that he stole the money. He also stated, that when he went missing, on Nov. 4, 2018, he walked the Greenway Trail and spent a night in the woods. In the morning, he walked to a truck stop near interstate 24, exit 3. He began hitch hiking, with the aim to head to Florida. He ended up in South Carolina instead, where he spend six months living in the woods.

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