How are Heartland businesses doing after reopening?

Checking up on local businesses

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Have you shopped locally since businesses in Missouri have reopened their doors? A couple Heartland shops said things are going much better than expected.

“We have noticed in the last four weeks of being opened we have had and increase of business. We have been really, really fortunate," said Robert Gentry, owner of The Corner Store.

Gentry said people just want to get out.

“I think a lot of folks are just anxious to get outside, they finally opened the flood gates which is a gate way of traffic for the downtown retailers and vendors, so that has helped out,” he said.

Up the road at Mississippi Mutts Manager Barb Frolker credits you for shopping local.

“We’ve gained several customers through this whole thing. They decided they wanted to shop local, so it’s been kind of crazy,” she said,

Frolker said even with online competitors’ people still want to support the town.

“People have realized that especially with animal things, and amazon, we are doing free delivery and curbside pickup, the prices are comparable, so they are keeping their money local," she said.

And while business is hot now, they just hope you stick around in the future.

“It is so important to the city of Cape that we support our small businesses. That’s one of our biggest concerns that our fellow business retailers get back up going the way they were before all of this happened,” Gentry said.

“Everything that our sales tax goes to when they shop local, that’s even better for them," Frolker said.

On Sunday the first phase of Missouri’s show me strong economic reopening order is set to expire.

Governor Mike Parson will talk about the next steps in tomorrow’s press briefing.

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