States reopening ignites more traveling

States reopening ignites more traveling

WICKLIFFE MOUNDS STATE PARK, Ky. (KFVS) - Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana were the latest to reopen on Friday. Those added to the list of other states that have reopened for business in the last couple of weeks in an effort to restart the economy as the COVID-19 pandemic lightens across the U.S.

We traveled to Kentucky to find visitors there from other states buying food and visiting parks.

One family we found at the Wickliffe Mounds State Park was checking out the history of the park as part of their one-day five state traveling trip.

Eric Boren and his family are traveling from the Booneville, Missississippi area and say things are starting to open back up more and more as they pass through different areas.

"We of course were quarantined for quite a while and to get out and about and just enjoy the day together is very refreshing," Eric Boren said.

Eric's wife Jessica said it's nice to see businesses opening back up and getting busier as well.

"It's wonderful and nice," Jessica Boren said. "We've been in lockdown for about nine weeks back home. And this is the first time we've been out with them (family) at all. They're kind of getting stir crazy in the house so it's great for them to get out."

The Boren family took a round trip through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and back home to Mississippi.

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