SIU offers virtual summer camps

SIU holds virtual summer camps and programs

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - Most summer camps across the country have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale is offering an alternative, virtual summer camps for kids.

Sarah Vanvooren said she is proud of the way her team has gotten prepared for this summer.

“I’m really excited because I’m really proud of the camps we put on. On campus, the really cool thing about our camp is they are put on by educational professionals in their field," she said.

More than two dozen camps are offered for kids ranging from art to STEM.

Vanvooren said the STEM camps aren’t all on the computer, they are part online and part project based. “Campers” will be exploring in their own backyards for projects.

Art camps are usually the most popular during the summer. Vanvooren spoke with some parents to form a plan on how to mix the arts with virtual technology.

“I did talk to parents and kind of embedded some ideas with parents, particularly with the art camp idea," she said. "The feedback I’ve gotten is actually like super cool.’ So we’re gonna ship your kid an art kit and then you’re going to log online and do the art project with an instructor.”

Children can be registered for the camps up to a week before they begin. If they aren’t in art camp, participants can be registered a couple of days before the start date.

Usual camp-goers at SIU are happy they are still offering their programs to the community and those across the country.

“People, they are excited we are trying something different and excited SIU is providing opportunities to youth in the southern Illinois area,” she said. "And the cool thing about these camps is they can extend way beyond southern Illinois.”

Check the SIU website for more information on all of their camps and when they begin.

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