Mo. Dept. of Conservation holds free fishing day

June 6-7 in Missouri

Missouri free fishing weekend

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Since April 15, Missouri residents looking to go fishing are again required to carry a valid permit for the rest of the summer except for two days in June.

“There were all kinds of people out here yesterday fishing. Kids fishing. So, it looked like they enjoyed it. So, I think it’s just that people want to get out and get out of their house because of the virus thing," said local fisherman Eugene Larry.

He said this year he’s seen a decline in the amount of fish he catches.

“Well, for me it’s been kind of slow. I ain’t been catching much. A couple of sturgeons, a couple of eels. Stuff like that. I ain’t been catching no good catfish yet," he said.

Hopefully, that will change as the temperature heats up into the summer months which will bring more fishing to the area.

Sara Turner is the Missouri Department of Conservation Nature Center Manager, and she said she expects to see a large turnout for the weekend event.

“So in Missouri, you have to have a permit if you are between 16 and 64 years old, except for June 6 and 7 during our free fishing weekend," she said.

She said that’s when anybody can fish in the state of Missouri whether they are a non-resident or resident, without having a permit.

But Larry said, even though it’s been slow, he planned to continue fishing and welcomed everyone to fish this June.

“I got a permit so I could come out and fish. Sure did," he said. "I think they should come out and fish, learn to fish come out and fish and go different places and check it out and you never know when you might have to fish.”

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