Heartland woman tries to get Cardinals ticket refund with no luck

Fighting for a refund

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Many Cardinals fans might have had your hearts set on attending a game but with the season postponed, what are you doing about your tickets?

Ashley Ozbun expressed her opinion about the ticket purchase website StubHub.

“They’ve burned our trust,” she said.

She bought three tickets through the site for her husband and his buddies to see the Cardinals play on April 24.

“They’re pretty much holding our money hostage and refusing to do anything about it,” she said.

Ozbun’s receipt showed she spent $280.50 on the tickets in late February.

“I contacted StubHub to see what they do about honoring their 100 percent refund," she said. “They told us that they had to wait on directions from MLB to cancel or postpone the game.”

When the pandemic caused that game to be canceled, Ozbun expected to get her money back.

StubHub’s president posted this statement to the company’s website: “We understand fans are disappointed and concerned about these large-scale event cancellations.”

However, due to an overwhelming number of requests, StubHub changed its refund policy.

“Instead of offering a 100 percent refund, they want to offer 120 percent of future ticket purchases.”

Ozbun said she’d rather get her money back. The ticket insurance she bought didn’t help either.

“They said they don’t cover for global pandemics,” she said.

We reached out to Whitney Quick with the Better Business Bureau.

Quick said you can write a complaint to the BBB, and also file a report with the Federal Trade Commission.

Ozbun said her fight is not over.

“My husband has mentioned that we’re going to file a claim against with the Better Business Bureau and he’s actually mentioned talking to an attorney about starting a class action lawsuit,” she said.

According to an article from Billboard online, a Wisconsin man filed a $5 million suit against the company.

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