Hauling stayed the same, but truck driving changed during pandemic

Industry changes for truck drivers

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - Truck drivers’ lives have changed during the pandemic. Their daily routines aren’t the same anymore.

“A lot of the places we are going to are having questionnaires, some of them actually take temperatures before you can even check in," said Tim Housman. "If your temperature is high they will turn you away and bring someone else in to haul it. They don’t want anybody sick at all.”

This was all before the industry changed.

“The scrutiny that is on us, realistically, we’ve already had on ourselves," he said. "The industry standard has changed quite a few years ago. and it woke a lot of us up.”

But hauling things has stayed the same. The main thing now is staying on top of things.

“The industry is still the same," Houseman said. "We’re still hauling for hire up and down the highways, that part hasn’t changed. The cleanliness factor is the biggest thing.”

“I will say the bleach wipes are the biggest thing we carry that some of the guys never carried before," he said about his employees.

Jobs are in demand at some trucking companies, but others are laying off or furloughing people.

When asked what he thought, Housman said, “I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s going to mean more people coming into the business. I certainly hope so.”

People across the country are starting to treat truck drivers how they should be he said.

“We see signs now that say ‘thank you, truckers, for being there,’ we never saw that before.”

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