Delta School District asking voters for storm shelter

Voters to decide on storm shelter

DELTA, Mo. (KFVS) - The Delta School District is looking to voters to decide whether the community wants a storm shelter.

On the ballot for June 2, residents in the Delta School District will see Proposition K.I.D.S., where they will vote to allow the district to borrow $800,000 from their bonds.

Delta School Superintendent David Heep said this facility will be multi-functional as it will be used as a cafeteria during the school days as well.

The main purpose of the building would be in case of imminent weather, not just from tornadoes but from flooding as well.

"Time and time again in the past, we've been hit with a lot of flooding," Heep said. "So say for example something were to happen like that and people just need a place to go for a minute, it's got a kitchen, bathroom, a shower; things like that would be in there."

Heep said their district includes areas of Whitewater, Allenville and Dutchtown, which are on the other side of the Diversion Channel.

"The Diversion Channel is made to send water this way," Heep said. "Some of our people live on one side of the levee and some people live on the other side of the levee. Those people that live on the wrong side of that levee, when the water gets up, sometimes they need a place to go. So this would come in handy then but of course with a tornado or something else like that as well."

The secondary use of this building would be used as a cafeteria, which Heep said would help having another kitchen and extra equipment to utilize.

“Just over time, the maintenance, the cost to replace items, things like that, it would save you money over time,” Heep said. “It would also help streamline the process of how our kids eat lunch.”

If the measure passed, the school will only borrow the money and build if FEMA grant money would become available for this project.

“We have no obligation to sell the bonds,” Heep said. “That’s what we told the voters. That process (FEMA grant), they could call tomorrow or take a year to say you’re approved. There’s no way to know if we’re going to get approved or when we would get approved. If we vote yes, we would not sell the bonds until the shelter were approved.”

The overall cost of the storm shelter would be about $1.3 million. Heep said if they receive money from FEMA, that would be 75 percent of the project with the school coming up with the other 25 percent.

The Delta School District is asking for $800,000 with roughly $325,000 being the 25 percent needed to cover their portion of the project, while the rest will be used for equipping and furnishing the cafeteria, along with other repairs to the existing facilities within the district.

If this proposition is approved, the adjusted debt service levy of the school district is estimated to be remain unchanged at $.95 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation of real and personal property.

The vote needs a 4/7ths “yes” votes to pass or 57.14 percent.

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