Bike shops see increase in sales during COVID-19 pandemic

Bike shop booming

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) -Having to stay home and away from people for a couple months now might give you the urge to do more outside.

One Heartland bike shop is seeing more people than ever before.

“Business is as best as its been in 43 years," said Eric Gooden, owner of Cape Bicycle and Fitness

Gooden said business couldn’t be better.

“In the last several weeks its just been an explosion of all bicycles of every type and kind,” he said.

Gooden said the bike manufactures are wiped out, but thankfully he has more than enough right now.

“We are fortunate we have a huge inventory, so we still got bikes, but we’ve gotten calls from Texas, St. Louis and Kentucky in the last few days even,” he said.

Gooden said people have been stuck at home and just want to get out.

“I mean most of us when we were kids, the first independence we got was getting away on our bikes and I think people are enjoying that again," he said

He said looking ahead, “We are a little worried."

But he has an itch to start thinking about the future.

“We carry a large inventory, but I was a little concerned, so I got on the computer and started back ordering stuff and those are now coming in, in two to three weeks from now or four weeks from now. Had I not done that then, we would not being see more bikes for the rest of this model year," he said.

Gooden said in this moment they are just trying to handle the rush.

“I came in a did some repairs on a Sunday, so we’re doing everything we possibly can to stay up with it," he said.

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