Churches start bringing people back in with safety precautions

Churches start bringing people back in with safety precautions

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - Churches in Southeast Missouri are starting to allow people in for their Sunday services.

Crossroads Church in Jackson was one of the churches that opened their doors for the first time in months. They had a contact-less service as doors were open and people were seated away from each other to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Pastor Brian Anderson with the church said it was great to see everyone and be able to ease back into things, but especially wants to make sure everyone is comfortable.

“I know every church is struggling with that in how do we do that and what’s the best way to approach it,” Anderson said. “I think we’re trying to strike a middle ground and try to respect people’s precautions, at the same time to allow people that are feeling more comfortable with getting back together and giving them an opportunity to do that.”

Crossroads Church still offers live streaming of their service for those who wanted to stay home and watch as well.

However, not all churches were quite ready to reopen just yet and continue to strictly hold online services right now.

Connection Point Church in Jackson continued their online driven content with a live service on Sunday.

They did however have some staff volunteers attend the church service for training purposes and started preparing for when they do reopen.

They are using this time to make sure they have everything ready to go with social distancing in place; including other services for the children, offering beverages and more.

"We want to go above the expectation for safety," Connection Point Church Pastor Chris Vaught said. "We want to create an atmosphere for people can feel welcome and warm but also feel that we have done everything possible to make it the safest and most secure campus that they can worship on."

When they do open, they will have staff there helping with doors and other areas to keep it a contact-less experience.

Online, they continue to provide not only worship services, but other content as well, including ministries for children, live prayer services, devotions and more.

“Through technology, we’re able to expand the outreach of our church right now,” Vaught said. “So the church never closed. We just never opened our physical campus. The church is really busier now than we’ve been since we went into this new campus because of the online campus and the opportunities technologies has given us.”

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