Southern Illinois farmer’s meat sales increase

Purchasing locally sourced meats

HURST, Ill. (KFVS) - With supermarkets running low on meat due to plants shutting down, one Heartland business has not had any issues.

Big Muddy Hogs in Hurst, Illinois is actually busier than ever.

“We’re not limiting things because we rely on more local sources for our products if we get low on something we have the ability to contact the farm directly and get restocked very quickly," said Roger Schuttek, one of the owners.

Big Muddy Hogs has no limit on the amount of products you can buy and it is fresher than most supermarkets.

“The thing about our product is it’s all local, it’s all raised by smaller farms here in the state of Illinois and typically the products are better. They are not shipped across the country in a truck," he said.

Things have picked up for Big Muddy Hogs, but when restaurants closed things slowed down.

“When all the restaurants had to close, a lot of the sales we did, wholesale, had just stopped very abruptly,” Schuttek said.

However, he said he’s very happy his shop is still open and busy.

“Right now we are only doing in-store sales," he said. "Normally we do online sales, shipping and delivery but with as busy as things have been lately we’re limited to in-store sales only.”

Feedback from customers is something Schuttek is used to.

“I care more about the quality of it because we deal with the customers directly," he said. "If somethings not good, they are going to tell me.”

Big Muddy Hogs is open every day of the week.

“If you need something, you can come here and get however much you want.”

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