Heartland couple spends 50 days apart fighting COVID-19

Heartland couple spends 50 days apart fighting COVID-19

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - COVID-19 is keeping patients away from their families during one of the hardest times and for one Heartland couple, they are finally back together after weeks apart.

“We’ve been married 30 years and this is the longest we have ever been a part,” said Tom Wilson, COVID-19 survivor.

50 days, that’s how long Tom and Janet Wilson have been apart after battling COVID-19.

“I got her over there to St. Francis hospital and they put a sheet over her head in a wheel chair and wheeled her away. My last words to her was ‘baby fight like you’ve never fought before,” said Tom.

A few days later Tom was admitted to the hospital.

“I was about 60 yards from her, down the hall and she was in a coma, had double pneumonia and I was laying down there and I was scared to go to sleep at night because I was afraid they would come in and tell me she was gone,” he said.

Tom said the night before Easter he made a request.

“I said I’m not trying to make a deal, I’m not trying to bargain, but the best Easter you could give me tomorrow, is give me my wife back," he said.

And the next morning Tom said the nurse came in with the best news yet.

“she came in with great big eyes and said you ought to see what i just saw, and i said what was that. Janet’s sitting up with that ventilator pumping and her eyes wide opened.”

He said he made a promise to God.

“I pulled up in front of the emergency room doors and I raised both fist up and I told Satan, 'I told you my god was bigger than any disease that you could throw at her," he said.

And fast forward a few weeks, Tom now has Janet back in his arms.

“You can see what I’ve got now. I’m so happy," said Tom.

Family and friends welcomed Janet home Friday morning.

“I’ve got a community and a whole neighborhood and the whole United States. Like I said I’ve got people probably 40 states praying for Janet and I,” he said.

Tom said he’s ready to continue life with his love by his side.

“You take so much for granted, life is so fragile and I’m a wreck, but I’m thankful just being able to get her home," he said.

Tom said use every precaution out there. He said this virus is something you never want to go through.

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