Dexter, Mo. company taking part in building U.S. border wall

A Dexter company is taking part in building U.S. border wall

Dexter, Mo. (KFVS) - A southeast Missouri company was contracted to help build a U.S. border wall.

Ryan Mclaughin is the vice president of RKE Contractors in Dexter, and talked about their opportunity to be a part of building the U.S. border wall.

"We actually won a contract to build a 15-mile wall and structure and all the associate infrastructure in the Rio Grande region of Texas," he said.

They are being awarded $175 million to do the job, and he said there were a lot of companies in the running.

“Ultimately, there was about dozen that was finally selected and approximately half of those were small business and the other were big businesses," he said.

Mclauglin said right after receiving the award, teams went to survey the land.

“It’s eye-opening because as we’re looking over the project site, we have to be chaperoned by armed custom and border control agents, and as we’re walking they’re constantly reminding us to keep our eyes open because there is a lot of illegal activity," he said, describing the visit.

He said with a big project like this they will need a lot of helping hands.

“We need positions for everything, starting with laborers, operators,” he said.

Mclaugin is excited to get started.

“We’re proud to be able to support President Trump’s directive in securing our southern border,” he said.

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