Cape Girardeau Police Dept. to begin online incident reporting

Cape Girardeau Police Dept. to begin online incident reporting

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The Cape Girardeau Police Department announced it will begin using a new online incident reporting system.

The online reporting portal goes live on Monday, May 18. It allows citizens to report crimes that are not an emergency or currently in progress.

“We’re used to going on Amazon or whatever to do our business or pay our bills, and so we want to be that kind of a customer-service, friendly thing for our citizens if they need to report a crime," said Cape Girardeau Police Chief Wes Blair.

Citizens can access the portal by clicking here and following the prompts in the template.

They can file a report 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Any reports filed out through the system will still be assigned to individual officers and investigated. Chief Blair said an officer or detective will call the person who submitted the report.

“They won’t necessarily be making contact in-person. They might be calling you to get further details from you or additional information that we might need or something like that," said Chief Blair.

According to the police department, this is an effort to give citizens a safe method for immediately filing reports with the agency.

To help reduce the frequency of unnecessary exposure and spread of COVID-19, the police department is encouraging the public to use the system when possible.

“Right now, the distance is a requirement, but going forward that’ll be an option to the citizens. So, we think that getting used to it now, I think people we really kind of take on to that and that’ll engage them in a better way than what they’re used to, because everything is so automated right now anyway," said Chief Blair. “And it is more convenient for the citizen that might not want to have an officer come to their house, especially during this time of social distancing.”

The police department said officers will still actively patrol and respond to any in-progress crimes where there is a threat to life, health or property.

The Cape Girardeau Police Department also wanted the public to know they should still call 911 to report any emergencies.

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