Illinois woman attacked and killed by pet French bulldog

INGLESIDE, Ill. (WGN/CNN) - An Illinois woman was mauled to death Saturday by her pet French bulldog.

Authorities say 52-year-old Lisa Urso of Ingleside was mauled to death by the recently rescued dog, which had been bred to fight.

“Unfortunately, and I hate to say it, but it was definitely a vicious attack," Lake County Coroner Dr. Howard Cooper told WGN.

A friend was picking Urso up, but when she didn’t answer her phone, there was a fear that something was wrong. After a search inside the home, she was found behind her home. Cooper said Urso had bite marks all over her body.

“When we initially got to the scene, she was actually outside," the coroner said. "When we went inside her house, it’s apparent that’s where the attack started.”

Cooper said the French bulldog had recently attacked Urso’s boyfriend, who was not at home when the attack happened.

“You don’t really think of it happening, especially with a smaller dog breed," Cooper said. "We forget that animals can be very powerful, and you know, this particular animal has a lot of jaw strength.”

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