Gov. Parson discussed ‘Show Me Strong Recovery’ plan during 2 stops in Cape Girardeau

Gov. Parson discussed ‘Show Me Strong Recovery’ plan during 2 stops in Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Missouri Governor Mike Parson made two stops in Cape Girardeau on Thursday morning, May 14 to discuss his “Show Me Strong Recovery” COVID-19 plan on reopening Missouri for business and social distancing.

Gov. Parson’s first visit was to Plaza Tire Service.

The governor spoke with the owner and workers at the location. He asked how the business was doing before, during and after the stay at home order was lifted. They both discussed the comfort level of employees and customers.

The owner showed Gov. Parson what safety measures he put in place to meet COVID-19 recommendations, such as using tires for social distancing, shields between customers and workers and available hand sanitizer.

Gov. Parson also said the demand for COVID-19 testing has decreased, but the state still needs more tests. Health officials also have a new way to target certain places.

“So if you have a nursing home, we can actually go there, test everybody in that nursing home, all the employees. Whether it’s a meat packing, process plant in St. Joe, we were able to go up there and do that. So we can now take hot spots and target that a lot better than what we did 60 days ago," he said.

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The second stop on Gov. Parson’s visit was to the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

At the police station, the governor spoke with Police Chief Wes Blair, Cape Girardeau Sheriff Ruth Ann Dickerson and Cape Girardeau Mayor Bob Fox.

Much of their conversation was about acquiring Personal Protection Equipment and what challenges COVID-19 presented for law enforcement.

“We had some PPE but not near the volume that we needed to handle something like this. You know we took some pretty creative measures," said Cape Girardeau County Sheriff Ruth Ann Dickerson.

They also discussed the concerns of domestic and child abuse not being reported during the stay at home order and while students are learning at home.

“We’ve noticed some of the suicides are going up. Domestic violence is definitely going up," said Cape Girardeau Police Chief Wes Blair.

“Child abuse calls going way down, so ya know, that kind of concerns you a little bit when they drop that far," said Governor Parson.

Gov. Parson also thanked the chief, sheriff and their officers for their service.

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After the visits, Parson traveled back to Jefferson City to hold his daily COVID-19 response briefing.

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