Salvation Army sees increase in need during pandemic

Increased demand for Salvation Army

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The Salvation Army in Cape Girardeau is seeing an increased need for food and financial assistance during the coronavirus pandemic.

With the loss of jobs in the area, many people have been turning to the Salvation Army for help financially.

"That's mainly the clients we're seeing that come in," Cape Girardeau's Salvation Army Lt. Matt DeGonia said. "They're saying they need help paying their bills and need help with rent. They all have that story of, 'Well I'm not working right now because of my job being closed because of the pandemic.'"

DeGonia also said they have also fed more children during this time as well due to the closings of schools.

“Our meals program definitely saw an increase last month,” DeGonia said. “We served almost 600 people in the last two weeks of the month, which is a lot. We attribute a lot of that due to the kids are out of school.”

Overall, DeGonia said the Salvation Army will help out as much as possible, but also, this is the time where we all need to help out our neighbors to get through this pandemic.

"I really think this is how we are all going to get through this together is by us coming together as a community," DeGonia said. "Whether you come down to the Salvation Army and get a food box or your neighbor says, 'hey, I've got that extra cup of sugar if you need it', and being able to go to your neighbors or go to the people in the community and say, 'how can we get some help or how can we help you'?"

DeGonia said if you would like to help out, financial donations would be the best option right now due to their COVID-19 social distancing protocols they have in place and to help meet the need they have in the community. He said any money you give to them will be used in the local community.

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