Cape Girardeau Co. Health Dept. to conduct test study on COVID-19

Cape Girardeau County to start antibody testing

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The Cape Girardeau County Health Department is making it a priority to keep COVID-19 from spreading.

The county commission approved the funding, and Jane Wernsman with the public health center said it’s very important.

“Once an individual becomes infected with a virus, the body begins to develop antibodies and so is the case with coronavirus,” she said.

Wernsman said this test allows them to get a grip on the extent of the infection in the area.

“What we are going to be testing for is not actual acute infection, or for somebody that’s currently infected or just have been infected, but we’re looking for is possibly a past infection,” she said.

They will be performing the test on 2,000 people. In order to be apart of it you must fill out a quick survey, and if you’re chosen you will receive an email. You can click here to take the survey.

“They will be asked to complete a survey; that survey is going to include some basic information age, race, sex, as well as their location because we want to try to get a random sample,” she said.

Wernsman said in the long run this test could help get us a little closer to returning to normal.

"It helps with us making future plans on policy development such things as maybe opening up more activities, do we have enough antibodies or immunity to enable us to expand our operations more," she said.

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