Survey: Fans favor sports returning even without spectators in stands

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(CNN) – Fans are ready for live sports to start up again, even if games are closed to the public, according to a recent survey by ESPN.

In the survey of 1,000 people, 65% said they would support the return of sports even without fans in the stands.

That number rose to 76% when participants were asked if they supported the return of sports without spectators in the stands if athletes “were kept in hotels and their contact with others was closely monitored.”

Live sports have been canceled for weeks because of the coronavirus. Many leagues are now weighing options on how to return as states start to reopen.

The NFL says it is planning a gradual reopening of team facilities, allowing a limited number of non-player personnel first, and then later moving on to players.

The league is still set to release its season schedule on Thursday.

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