City of Carbondale cuts FY21 by $3M with furloughs and layoffs looming due to COVID19

Updated: May. 6, 2020 at 6:22 PM CDT
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CARBONDALE, Il. (KFVS) - The pandemic is having a devastating economic impact all across the country, forcing even local municipalities to make some tough decisions.

Carbondale City Manager Gary Williams said the city estimates the revenue to be down about $2.2 million dollars.

So, the city budget has more than $3 million dollars in cuts, mainly to Community Investment Local Improvement Fund.

“Really just our budget is to include only those cost that were truly essential cost. So, the focus on public works and public safety and then operations to support both of those,” William said.

On the April 28th virtual city council meeting, the city council unanimously voted for the FY21 budget, which included local tax dollars redirected to the general fund to offset the losses.

Fiscal Year 2021 budget is $53,747,176.

Williams also asked the unions to forego their contracted 2.5% increase this year to save the city $300,000, the union did agree on that zero percent increase.

The non-bargaining employees at the City will also received the matched increase just as the union employees.

“Our hope was, and part of our mitigation plan, to offset this revenue loss was to ask our unions to take a zero increase for FY21,” Williams said.

In hopes to continue to mitigate losses, Williams took a look at every line item. “Really it’s just scrutinizing every single cost,” he said. “We’ve shot around the idea of furloughing employees temporarily but the reality is our staff is really lean right now.”

Depending on how the revenue look at at the beginning of next year, Williams said they are keeping the option of layoff and furloughs on the table.

“We can get through this year and even a lag next year. but our hope is this is short term like other recessions," Gary said with much hope. "We know there will be a point in the future that we will recover, but i’m confident we will get though this.”

The CARES ACT did provide $150 billion to states and municipalities. According to Williams, Illinois is estimated to receive $4.9 billion and the governor will distribute those funds.

The city of Marion also had to furlough 43 employees earlier this month.

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