Illinoisans react to Mo. reopening businesses

Illinoisans react to Mo. reopening

CHESTER, Ill. (KFVS) - As Missouri reopens for business, does that mean Illinoisans are going to head across the river?

In Chester, Bill Galeski said, “I’ve always done business over in Perryville.”

When asked if he was going to dine in at restaurants in the Show-Me-State, he said he would.

Some folks may head over to Missouri as they normally do.

“We’ll go over there as needed. But not a whole bunch, no more than we normally do," Judy Laramore said.

Laramore said she would not go over there just because businesses are open.

For two friends who call Chester their new hometown, they believe Illinoisans’ money should be spent locally.

“I think if we travel over across to Perryville, then were going to hurt our small businesses here in Chester. And I think it’s very important to support our small businesses here,” said Sean Fuller.

His friend, Cailey George, agreed with him.

“Wait it out, just support your businesses here," she said. "We’ll be open soon enough. You want to help our economy as much as you can. Support Illinois. Just wait a little longer it will be worth the wait.”

All four of these individuals believe social distancing and masks should still be worn even though some businesses are open.

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